Check out all of the great ideas from Katie D.’s shopping trip!

Your Mom would love a gift from downtown Washington!

Addi’s has a large collection
of beautiful Brighton bracelets
perfect for Mom.






Is everyone wearing wedding attire in the most recent
family portrait on your mom’s wall? Are family members
missing because they weren’t even born yet? Maybe it’s time
to schedule a photo shoot with Rodrigo Pineda Photography.
Mom will love it!





Pandora charm bracelets
are a beautiful way to let
Mom know she’s loved
Altemueller’s Jewelry.







What about the new mom in your life?
I bet she’d love these adorable wine
glasses from IB Nuts & Fruit, Too. Let
them put it in a gift basket for you
with a bottle of wine.
No gift wrapping required.




Let your Mama Bear show off her protective
instincts every day with this sweet necklace
from Fern & Sycamore.

Happy shopping!