We are stamp nerds! Bridgette and I are stamp nerds.  We like stamps!  We get excited when new stamps are announced.  We gather around a computer screen and look at what is coming out together. And sometimes we even ohh and ahh! Stamps are cool.  They... read more

Let’s chat about New Year’s resolutions.  Do you resolve to give up something?  Do something better?  Take care of yourself?  Have you ever resolved to be more involved in your community?  When did the New Year’s resolution start? ... read more

It’s the 1940’s in Washington and there is a party in full swing when the unthinkable happens!!!  Well, when the event is called “Murder Mystery Dinner” it may not be that surprising that a character has died. For the 5th Annual M... read more

Protect and serve is the motto of the Washington Police Department, just as it is with other police departments in other towns.  The difference here is Lieutenant Paul Kesterson takes the word “serve” to a whole new level. Through his work as a volun... read more

In 1959 a pioneer rose up to defend the historic properties and the legacy of Washington, Missouri.  That pioneer was Ralph Gregory and in 1959 he founded the Washington Historical Society and began his lifelong campaign to save our history.  When we sa... read more