• Location: Downtown Post Office

Washington Historic Preservation Commission, Washington Area Chamber of Commerce, and Downtown Washington, Inc., present the . . .

Architectural Treasure Hunt

INSTRUCTIONS:  On the lines provided under each picture clearly PRINT the address of the building on which the architectural detail appears.  Complete the entry form at the bottom of the page and turn in at the Old Main Post Office, at 2nd and Lafayette Streets, before 6:00 pm on May 31.  Only one entry per person will be accepted.  Winners will be contacted via email.  Entries listing the correct location for all of the treasures will be entered in a drawing for gift certificates.

HINTS:  All details are on buildings located in the Downtown Washington Historic District (from:  Front to 5th and Cedar to Jefferson).  All details are visible from a public street or sidewalk.

 CAUTION:  For safety, please do not participate from a vehicle.  Please view the architecture details on foot.