When I was a kid there was an apartment door that fascinated me. I would run my fingers along it and and know that I would live there someday. Being Downtown felt like I was peaking at a larger story. I was drawn to the brick buildings, sturdy and beautiful and although those were the biggest buildings I had seen they were never intimidating, they were welcoming and just dying to share their stories.

Growing up I was lucky to find jobs Downtown. I got to spend a good chunk of time in a place that felt right. I came to understand and respect Small Business. It was a privilege to work with people who took pride in what was theirs and being apart of their stories, adding to a grand history.

Immersing myself in the center of town I made a ton of friends. There is a slower pace and people take the time to say hello, ask your name and remember it later. Most of these people I still see on a regular basis and those I don’t, if we bump into each other, we reminisce at the stories we made together.

I explored my own passions Downtown. I wrote my first short story in the 7th grade and I was hooked. I found places to sharpen my storytelling  skills, some quiet, some loud and always with coffee. I drew inspiration from watching everything around me. The stories were plentiful and I was lucky to find a spot right in the middle.

I eventually ended up in the apartment on Elm in my mid-twenties, almost twenty years ago. I was nestled between a coffee shop and a florist. It was the perfect spot for me and my cat, Lucy #1, to add to our story.


Jessica Seiter

I am from Washington. I am currently working at The Washington Coffee Shop and Neighborhood Reads. I have two sons, Wyatt is a Sophomore at Washington High and a dishwasher at Cowan's. Augustus is in second grade at South Point and likes to eat at Cowan's. When I'm not making coffee for our fantastic patrons and selling books to those fantastic patrons...many are one in the same (yes! and thanks!) I write short stories, dabble in poetry and occasionally I will squeak out a play.