Starting a New
Downtown Washington Business

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Opening a Business in downtown Washington can be a wonderful experience to bring exciting new products, services or solutions to the community.

As Investment Members of Downtown Washington Inc.
we are proud to highlight their successes.

Hear from local owners about their first year journey in Downtown Washington!



“We are proud to see our dream come to fruition in our hometown.  The warm reception and support of loyal pet parent customers and fellow merchants confirms Downtown Washington as a fantastic location for establishing Loyal Bella Co.  We are not only optimistic that interest in our unique product and services will continue to spread locally, but also eager to be a part of the event success and tourism growth Downtown Washington will certainly experience this new year."”
- Jill Liebrum, Owner


OLIVINo Tasting Bar

“We are so happy that we opened our 2nd Olivino Store in Downtown Washington.  The atmosphere in Downtown is wonderful!  It exudes “hometown America” and is a wonderful place to call home.  There is always something going on — from homecoming parades to festivals and fairs.  

The community has been extremely supportive and welcoming of our business and we have made many new friends along the way.  We look forward to continue to grow our business in Washington.”
- Debbie Baker-Oliver, Owner



“All of our ingredients are cut fresh in front of you, made in front of you. I don’t understand the concept of putting the kitchen behind the wall. We let everyone see what you’re doing and see that you’re doing it the right way. Since moving to Downtown are business has really taken off. And now, who knows what this could lead to. We could be the taco kings of the Midwest.”
- Tony Avila, Co-Owner