Have you ever heard the phrase, “committees make the world go round”? No? Well maybe that’s because it’s actually not a thing, but it should be because they absolutely do! If you walk into the Downtown Washington Inc. office on any given day and s... read more

For many children around the world Santa Claus is a significant figure to the Christmas holiday experience. For years, parents have been bringing their children to department stores to sit on Santa’s lap so they can share with him their deepest Christm... read more

Downtown Washington is buzzing with holiday spirit and can’t wait to share with you all the many fun and exciting events happening during this season! Here is a list of all the awesome activities you can be a part of with your friends and family!   Nov... read more

It’s the 1940’s in Washington and there is a party in full swing when the unthinkable happens!!!  Well, when the event is called “Murder Mystery Dinner” it may not be that surprising that a character has died. For the 5th Annual M... read more

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